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Christian Scientists

Healing in Africa, Inc.

You can choose from several funds when donating to Christian Scientists Healing in Africa:

​      ► Practitioners Reimbursement Fund

      ► Transportation to Church Fund

​      ► Church Fund

      ► Food Fund

Practitioners Reimbursement Fund:

► This is the fund that most needs your support.

► Radical healing work is helping to drive the growth of the CS Church in Africa.
► More healings are taking place in Zimbabwe than anywhere else in Africa.

► Many Christian Scientists there work as part-time practitioners, healing impressively and are working to be listed in the Christian Science Journal as full-time Christian Science practitioners. 

► Zimbabwe's economy, money supply, goods and services are in a shambles.

► 95% unemployment, so practitioners don’t get paid for most of their healings.

► The Mother Church does not subsidize practitioners.
► We help reimburse these part-time practitioners for part of the cost of the treatments they give to patients (if they received no remuneration for it).

► Fund started by us 5 years ago. All records are confidential.
► Practitioners must be devoting substantial time to Christian Science healing.
► For reimbursement, patients must have been healed and the healing verified.
► We now pay over $1,000.00 per month in reimbursements to practitioners – for over 200 healings per month.
► Some practitioners are now also treating patients in other countries who pay. 

Transportation to Church Fund:

► Many people can't afford transportation to church services.  We supply funds to branch churches and CS groups for them to help meet this need.

Church Fund:

► Christian Science Churches, Societies and informal groups are struggling to pay their expenses (like renting space for church activities).  The Mother Church doesn't help meet these expenses.  

► We assist as needed, when we can. 

Food Fund:

► Occasionally, due to the economy and droughts, there is a need to give food to churches for their members to avoid starvation.  We prefer to supply seeds for the church members to grow their own food.

We are happy to provide more information upon request.